April 22 – Strait of Gibraltar

22 Apr

The Strait of Gibraltar . . . Gibraltar . . . a British overseas territory; home of the “rock” made famous by that insurance company who used the image of the Rock of Gibraltar in its logo; the spot where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet; the Strait is the body of water that separates Africa from Europe.

This is a heavily traveled route – you’ve got to go through the Strait to get from the Atlantic Ocean to the Med or from the Med to the Atlantic Ocean.  Although many ships stop in Gibraltar, we were just passing by.  The ship had asked for and received permission to come “close” to the Rock.  So, just as the sun was starting to set, we came within 2 miles of shore.  Photography wasn’t great as we were on the east side of the Rock with the setting sun in our faces.  The Commodore did slow the ship for the passage so that we could get a good look.  He also gave his usual informative and chatty commentary! 

Most of the citizens live on the west side of the Rock.  Natural resources are scarce.  Fresh water is obtained through a desalination plant.  Gibraltar’s northern border is with Spain.  The Rock is the real attraction in the Strait.  But since the Strait is only 7 miles wide, Morocco can easily be seen!

There you have it . . . it took all of about 30 minutes to see the Rock and to pass through the very famous Strait of Gibraltar. 

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