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Did you know . . . ?

28 Oct

Did you know that I’ve been on a World Cruise before?  Actually, JJ and I have been around the world twice!  So, my World Cruise coming up in 2011 will be my THIRD time to go Around the World.

Just in case you missed my last World Cruise, I wanted you to see my website from that trip.  Click on this link:

Woody’s World Travels

I hope that you enjoy my adventures!

Let the countdown continue . . .

5 Oct

Hi Friends,

Today marks only 99 days until my friend JJ and I start our Around the World adventure.  We’re getting ready, are you?

Just think, only 99 days from today, I will be in New York City and going aboard my ship, the QM2.  You guys better be making me some really cool outfits for my trip – you know I’m going to meet a lot of people and making a ton of new friends, so I want to look really good!!

Study hard, learn lots and . . .

. . . see ya later alligator . . .

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